SimFactor® Mock Blood and Clotting Agent Kit



Model #: Sim-100


Simfactor® Mock Blood and Clotting Agent Kit is a simulated blood with unique clotting ability This blood will allow you to create realistic blood clots for moulage, obstetrics, nursing, emergency medicine, and tactical training.

***Will NOT stain most materials ***

*** Rinses easily from skin with soap and water ***

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 6 in


  • Rinses from skin
  • Viscosity and lubricity for look and feel of real blood
  • Does not stain non-porous materials
  • Can be removed from porous materials using cleaning techniques similar to real blood removal.
  • Will clot when mixed with SimFactor® Clotting Agent
  • Spray on or sprinkle clotting agent to make realistic clots in seconds
  • Can be fully or partially clotted
  • Ideal for moulage, obstetrics, nursing, emergency medicine and tactical training

Package Contents

  • 4 quart packets of SimFactor® Mock Blood
  • 3 oz. Simfactor® Clotting Agent
  • 1 gallon blood dispensing bottle
  • 9 oz. Spray bottle


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